April 21, 2024

Virtual Eye Provides GPS Navigation and Tracking for Blind Children

Satellite orbiting earth The “Virtual Eye” is a GPS navigation system developed by B. Amutha  as part of her PhD research of SRM of India. The device is intended for blind and visually impaired children and provides simple voice guidance navigation. It is belt mounted and also reportedly uses sonar for detecting obstacles and GPRS for location tracking. Amutha is currently seeking government support to begin production.

Although we found the concept of tracking blind children with GPRS to be a bit alarming, combining GPS navigation with sonar and GPRS is an interesting innovation. Once you steel yourself against the attitudes that frame the original article, you can read more about the “Virtual Eye” in  The Times of India.

Sendero GPSAthon Good News for Gadgeteers


Sendero GPS deviceSendero Group has announced a special pricing program for individuals who purchase their GPS package for the BrailleNote or BrailleSense notetakers through the end of the year. Sendero recognizes that the relatively small market for blindness products tends to keep prices high and often out of reach for individual consumers.

Through the end of 2011, Sendero will be pricing the GPS software on a sliding scale, depending on how many orders are received. The maximum price, for a package that normally sells for as much as $1598, will be $888, with the potential of being as low as $428.

It is great to see companies like Sendero offer pricing for individual consumers, since many of us do not have the same resources as schools and agencies. Read more about the GPSathon at the Sendero Group website.