June 14, 2024

HumanWare’s New Brailliant 40 Braille Display

Brailliant BI 40 Refreshable Braille display and keyboardHumanWare has announced that their new Brailliant  40 braille display is ready to ship. Gilles Pepin, CEO of HumanWare said, “As a proud supporter of braille literacy, HumanWare is committed to developing products that help people who are blind to fully participate in the quickly evolving, mobile world around them.”

The new Brailliant BI 40 display has 40 braille cells and is compatible with JAWS 10 and later and Window Eyes 7.5.2, on Windows operating system computers. HumanWare plans to  support other screen reader manufacturers such as Apple, Dolphin, NV Access as well. The compact design fits ergonomically in front of your laptop and includes an eight-key braille keyboard and thumb key controls.

We think the Brailliant BI 40 is a step in the right direction for price and portability,  but at $2995 it is still out of reach for most consumers. We hope to see even bigger steps toward price reduction in the future.

Source: Humanware