July 23, 2024

Bookshare Launches New Read2Go Book Reader for iOS Devices

Stylized drawing of open book, with the word "book" highlightedRead2Go is Bookshare’s new accessible e-book reader app for the Apple iPhone, Ipad, and iPod. The app makes it easy to locate, download, and read books from Bookshare from within a single program. There is no need to download your books to a computer to unzip them and transfer to your mobile device. Read2Go takes care of all the work for you.

Read2Go has many great new features that make reading easy and more accessible for Bookshare members including:

  • Read books using Apple’s VoiceOver navigation and built in voices.
  • Adjust reading speed, font size, and colors
  • Words are highlighted as they are read.
  • Read books with Braille using a Bluetooth display.

We applaud Bookshare for developing Read2Go for their members. It is very well designed and simple to use. Any Bookshare member with an iOS device will be downloading and reading books in no time using Read2Go. Although we usually like free apps the best, we think Read2Go is worth the price for the convenience and ease of use.

Source: Bookshare Blog