October 2, 2023

Classic Comic Peanuts (described reference for xkcd #972)

Peanuts logo


BlindGadget is posting this classic Peanuts comic as a reference for xkcd #972-November.


Panel One: Peanuts logo, Charles Schulz signature, Linus sitting on the floor sticking his tongue out, looking flustered.

Panel Two: Lucy is looking at Linus with a big question mark over her head. Linus has his hands up to his mouth.

Linus: “Oh, no, not again!”

Panel Three: Lucy has her hands on her hips as she talks to Linus.

Lucy: “What is the matter with you?”

Linus: “I’m aware of my tongue!”

Panel Three: Lucy and Linus

Lucy: “You’re what?!”

Linus: “I’m aware of my tongue!”

Panel Four: Lucy and Linus

Linus: “It’s an awful feeling! Every now and then I become aware that I have a tongue in my mouth, and then it starts to feel all lumped up…

Panel Five: Lucy and Linus

Lucy: “That’s the most stupid thing I’ve ever heard!

Linus: “I can’t help it…I can’t put it out of my mind. I keep thinking about where my tongue would be if I weren’t thinking about it and then I can feel it sort of pressing against my teeth…

Panel Six: Lucy is walking away from Linus with her hands up in the air.

Linus: “Now it feels all lumped up again. The more I try to put it out of my mind, the more I think about it…

Lucy: “Good grief!”

Panel Seven: Lucy walking by herself. She has an exclamation mark over her head.

Panel Eight: Lucy has her hands up to her mouth and looks flustered.

Lucy: “Oh, no!!

Panel Nine: Lucy has her hands gripped together in front of her and looks even more flustered.

Panel Ten: Lucy is threatening an alarmed looking Linus with her fist.



Described by BlindGadget.com


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